Fifth Marian Dogma

“Do Fight and Ask for This Dogma”

I see the Lady standing with a serious look on Her face. She says to me, “Once more I am here. Listen well: from the outset the Handmaid of the Lord was chosen to be Co-redemptrix. Tell your theologians that they can find it all in their books!”

The Lady pauses briefly, then smiling to Herself, She says, almost in a whisper, “I am not bringing a new doctrine. I am now bringing old ideas.”

She waits and then continues,

Because the Lady is Co-redemptrix, She is also Mediatrix and Advocate; not only because She is the Mother of the Lord Jesus Christ, but—and mark this well—because She is the Immaculate Conception.

Theologians, I ask you, do you still have objections to this dogma? You can find these words and ideas. I ask you to work for this dogma. No, fear nothing! There will be a clash. The other indeed will attack you; but the simplicity of this dogma lies in these last thoughts which Mary, “the Lady of All Nations,” puts before you today. Do fight and ask for this dogma: it is the crowning of your Lady!

The Lady says this emphasis on almost every word.

Then She gazes in front of Her for quite a while with a peculiar expression on Her face as if She looked into the distance, and says, “The Lady, the Handmaid of the Lord, was chosen and made fruitful by the Holy Spirit.”

The Lady pauses and says very slowly,

The Lady was chosen. She was also to be present at the Descent of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit had to come down upon the Apostles (and raising Her finger, She adds with emphasis) the first theologians! For this reason the Lord willed that His Mother should be present there. His Mother, “the Lady of All Nations,” became at the departure of Her Son, “the Lady of All Nations,” the Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate, in the presence of one Apostle, one theologian, to be witness to it. For he had to take care of “thy Mother.” She had to take care of “Her Apostles.”

Now the Lady looks at me and says with emphasis.

This is the last time that the Lady speaks about this dogma. She will return, but for other matters.

Tell your theologians, however, that now they have everything in their hands. Now they have to accomplish the Will of the Lord Jesus Christ. Tell the theologians that “the Lady of All Nations” will see to its fulfillment.

Now the Lady spreads Her hands as if in protection over something. Then She says, “I will stand by the Holy Father. Mark My words well. He will be given the necessary strength to get everything ready. Many changes are ahead.”

And now I clearly see the Lady, so to say, standing above St. Peter’s, while everything seems to be spinning around. Then She says,

Let the Holy Father carry out his splendid plan as quickly as he possibly can! Tell him that “the Lady of All Nations” has helped him and will give him all the strength he needs. The Holy Father knows all that is necessary. What he lacks in vigor, the Lady will give him. He know what he has.

Now the hands of the Lady return to their usual position and She adds with emphasis, “Tell the Sacristan that everything is going to come right. He should act and persevere as the Lady desires of him.”

Now the Lady looks at me again with a smile and, moving Her finger to and fro, says, “Now to your Bishop: You should request him to make the prayer and the messages known.” I tell the Lady that he will not do so and I am so frightened at having to tell him again.

The Lady looks at me seemingly in compassion and with a smile, says,

Do not be afraid, child, ask him quite simply. Tell him, this is the given moment. He can accept the prayer as coming from Me. He can consent to the building of the church. My signs are inherent in My words; tell him that. Tell him also that the Lady wishes Her picture to be exposed to the public now and add, moreover, that the prayer comes from “his Mother Mary” who wishes also to be his “Lady of All Nations.” Tell him: Mary takes full responsibility. Later, I shall give more signs, when My words shall cease. I shall come back and speak to the nations. All this had to come first.

Then the Lady looks in front of Her earnestly and it is as though I see heavy clouds surging around the globe on which She stands, while the globe is rotating fast. The Lady points at the globe and says very sadly, “Look to the world—mark well what I am going to tell you.” At this, the Lady holds up Her right hand and lets me look into it.

I see in it a large die and the Lady moves Her hand as though shaking it over the world. Then She says,

Satan’s hand goes all over the world, holding a die. Do you know, Church—Community—what this means? Satan is still the prince of this world. He keeps his grasp on everything he can. That then is why “the Lady of All Nations” had to come now, into these times. For She is the Immaculate Conception and, therefore, also the Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate. These three concepts in one.

Theologians, have you heard this aright? The Lady was bound to bring Her prayer over this diabolical world. For the Holy Spirit has still to descend upon the nations. Understand this message well. Say My prayer, then, nations, that the Holy Spirit will really and truly come.

At this last sentence Mary held Her hand aloft, as if showing the people how to pray.

The Lady waits again and looks very seriously at me, yet with a smile. She says,

And you, child, are you afraid to pass on all this? Then the Lady says to you: let them come with all their needs—spiritual and bodily alike—the Lady is here, in readiness. She will bring them back and will help them. Make a sacrifice of your life. Tell your director that the Lord always chooses the weak for His great designs. Let him be at ease!

Now the Lady, looking far away, says, “And to all the others, I say, work on; fight for ‘the Lady of All Nations;’ She has to come at this time! I will help them. I shall return on May 31st.”

Then the Lady disappears very slowly.

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